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Learning Software

ASL Sign Generator 2
Sign Generator 2 is a unique software program that produces ASL art images above your text as you type - you also can input text by scanning or copying/pasting text from a screen! It has a translation lexicon of over 25,000 English words/phrases/idioms/numbers/symbols. This amazing software has 4 handy features, perfect for classroom or communication use: Type and instantly have ASL images appear above your words. If there are more than one sign for a single English word, the software will give you choices. Sign Generator 2 has the ability to change a word into fingerspelled letters, and the ability to hide signs; you can use the Dictionary to find and print individual sign graphics, and customize Flashcards using any of the over 9,000 signs in the database. Choose whether to have signs only, words only, pictures only, signs & words, or signs, words & pictures. Make your own Matching Worksheets, so your students or children can learn to associate English words with signs. Re-scramble the words to create new challenges. And then print and save your creations!

Instant Immersion American Sign Language for Windows and Mac
Instant Immersion American Sign Language is the quick and easy way many beginners learn how to sign. Based on the same tried and proven techniques that allow people to quickly pick-up a spoken language, the key to success with signing is to immerse yourself. For years, it has been known that an immersion environment is the absolute, fastest way to learn a new language. The Instant Immersion method provides this atmosphere and allows you to put your lessons to use immediately. Each disc in this 8 CD-ROM software suite is packed with authoritative content developed in tandem with experienced ASL instructors, and features full-motion signing instruction with reinforcing written descriptions,challenging quizzes and games, vocabulary synonym lists, and complete phrases arranged by category for a wide array of real-life situations. Learn body and hand positioning for grammar and fingerspelling, with video lessons and explanations of ASL phrase syntax that will improve a beginners' foundation in ASL. The Hands-on ASL dictionary packed with over 6,000 words - plus synonyms and written sign movement descriptions for each entry. The ASL phrase guide offers real-life communication - over 600 phrases are introduced, with video demonstrations of each entry. And a Complete reference guide provides overview of the scope and history of America's third most common language. Comes with Reference Guide (1 disc), Grammar & Fingerspelling (1 disc), ASL Dictionary (2 discs), and ASL Phrase Guide (4 discs). Runs on Windows XP / 98 / Me, Mac OS X.

Crash Course in American Sign Language
The Crash Course in American Sign Language is the most efficient and convenient way yet to learn the basics of American Sign Language (ASL) in the comfort of your home or office. This program guides you step-by-step through 8 classes, divided into 30 easy-to-follow lessons. Crash Course will help you get comfortable using your hands to communicate, recognize standard hand shapes in ASL, see how facial expression and fingerspelling are part od ASL, use the index to find individual words, and learn about Deaf Culture and Deaf resources. Video clips of words and sentences, and activities are used to easily introduce and reinforce key vocabulary and grammatical rules. Class topics include: People, Descriptions, Living and Non-living Things, Daily Life, Location, Schedule, Numbers, and Fingerspelling. This eight-class includes over 360 signs and signed sentences, along with 75 skill-building quizzes and concept-reinforcing exams! Designed for beginning signers, age 8 and up! Minimum System Requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista; CD-ROM drive 16x; Pentium III, 600 MHZ (or equiv.); 150 MB hard drive space.
Crash Course in American Sign Language
Lab Pack of 10

Clouds: A Paws Science Adventure
Did you know that every type of cloud has unique characteristics? Join Pilot Paws as the Co-Pilot to explore this commonly seen but little understood sky phenomenon! Help! The astronaut is lost in space. Can Paws come to his rescue! Find out when you answer a question about cirrocumulus clouds correctly! Along with watching rescues, you can play different games. Try and see if you can pull all of the sailors out of the ocean. Their boat capsized and you do not have much time to rescue them! This fun-filled, yet informative, adventure shares startling cloud and weather facts, offers opportunities to test your knowledge, and rewards learning with exciting games and the chance to witness death-defying air rescues. All communication is both signed in ASL and spoken in English by Paws the Pilot. Read fascinating information about nine different types of clouds, and see photographs of them too! Then test your knowledge about clouds before you enter daring rescues or fun-filled games/activities. Windows CD-ROM.

Marvin Teaches Fingerspelling 2
Marvin Teaches Fingerspelling 2 is the coolest way yet to improve your receptive fingerspelling skills. Beginners can learn to recognize the different hand shapes that make up the letters of the alphabet. Signers of every ability level can practice reading over 2,375 fingerspelled words at speeds varying from novice to expert. A new option allows you to put in your own vocabulary words as well. After becoming confident with your fingerspelling perception, test your new skills and receive an evaluation of your performance. Can you read Marvin's blazingly fast fingers to qualify as a word champion? Minimum System Requirements: Pentium II; CD-ROM drive.16x; Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista.

101 Basic Signs
Turn your computer into a personalized ASL tutor! 101 Basic Signs is designed to be easy to use. Video shows you each sign clearly. Help is available for every command and every step of the program. You can slow down or increase signing speed, to you learn at your own pace. This program utilizes Virtual TeacherTM, a revolutionary new teaching engine that analyzes your progress and customizes the lessons to fit your needs. PC or Mac. PC version requires Windows 3.1 or higher.

Baby's First Book of Signs
Want to teach your baby sign language and donít know where to start? This sweet little electronic book depicts 124 basic words. Signs are shown in video and pictures. English equivalents (in print and audio), as well as concept graphics, are included. Categories covered include: Animals, Clothes, Colors, Food, and Toys. So easy to useĖjust click to turn each page. Volume 1 categories include: Animals, Clothes, Colors, Food, and Toys; Volume 2 categories include: Actions, Descriptions, Feelings, When, and Where; Volume 3 categories include: Alphabet, Numbers, Home, Outside, and People. Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Pentium 2 300MHz, 64MB Ram, 16-bit color display, 800x600 pixels screen area, CD Drive. Buy all three Babyís First Book of Signs CDís for just $45!
Volume 1 $24.95  
Volume 2 $24.95  
Volume 3 $24.95  
All 3 Volumes

Ultimate American Sign Language Dictionary CD-ROM
The Ultimate American Sign Language Dictionary is the first sign language dictionary on CD-ROM to be totally accessible to deaf users. Produced by an award-winning team of professionals in the field of deaf education, three years of research went into the development of this innovative software, with funding support from U.S. Department of Education. Designed to be a true dictionary for deaf and hearing people alike, this package provides an opportunity to discover how ASL signs and English relate through meaning. The dictionary contains approximately 2,400 ASL signs and 6,000 English words. The meaning of signs that have no single English word equivalent can be discerned (e.g., What's happening?), and multiple English words that share the same sign (e.g., all, total, whole) can be found by describing the sign. Variations of a single English word that share the same sign (e.g., happy, happily) are shown with the part of speech. Words and their definitions may be obtained by typing the English word (English Search) or by describing the sign (ASL Search). Spell-check and parameter-check features help you find the word even when you spell or describe the word incorrectly. The program will show you English words that share the same sign and signs that share the same English word, so you can choose the precise definition you want. This is a desktop must for any deaf person, family member, or service provider of a deaf person!

myTTY 3.0 Software Teletype Emulator
Donít waste your money on a TTY ever again! myTTY is a Windows computer program that can make your computer perform like a sophisticated TTY with many more features (e.g., phonebook, answer machine, caller ID, descramble, customized fonts and backgrounds). Deaf people and others who cannot hear or speak over the telephone use equipment called a teletypewriter (TTY) instead, which allow individuals to type back and forth to each other. But most TTYs cost $250-$600, and they frequently break down, encounter transmission difficulties due to incompatibility with other equipment, and need recalibration from time to time. myTTY 3.0 is software that lets your computer act like a TTY, allowing you to make and receive calls from TTYs and other computers that have TTY software. Features include the following: alerts to incoming calls, audio signals (e.g., ringing, busy) are displayed, answering machine, Caller ID, telephone book, audio messages for voice callers, audio detection of optimal voice modem, disconnect detection, automatic relay dialing, save conversation, copy and paste text, printer support, automatic line noise suppression, online help documents, "ungarble" capabilities, customize font, color, size of letters, and background. System Requirements are Windows 98SE or higher, 32 MB memory, TAPI-compliant voice modem, Pentium processor or equivalent, and a CD-ROM drive.