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Library Downloads


It’s Raining Downloads!

Recent unscientific studies have shown that, while language courses may not grow on trees, they can fall from the sky.

Earlier this year, Multilingual Books gave away free language downloads to U.S. military personnel across the globe. This month we’re expanding the giveaway to include libraries. At least 20,000 free language courses, valued at $1,000,000, are on offer to libraries around the world.

The downloads offered include the comprehensive Foreign Service Institute language courses, the popular Linguaphone language courses, and the renowned Platiquemos Spanish course. To see a full list, click here. Each library is eligible for up to $1,000 in free downloads.

Sound like a good deal? It is.

So, if you’re a library, all you need to do is e-mail us at sales@multilingualbooks by June 30, 2012. Let us know who you are, where you’re planted, and why you think language products are the best thing since the invention of umbrellas.

(And if you’re not a library, but there is a special library in your life, send it a long-overdue fan e-mail and include a link to this post.)

Library Downloads Now Available

Foreign Service Institute Language Courses
by Multilingual Books

Multilingual Books now manufactures the entire line of Foreign Service Institute (FSI) courses, available in over 30 languages. These courses are considered by many to be the best and most complete language courses available. Most courses are now available on audio CDs or in a digital version with PDF texts and MP3 audio files. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at .

Platiquemos FSI Basic Spanish Course
The world's best Spanish course just got better! "The course that works" has been completely revised and improved by Don Casteel, the author of Platiquemos and a former Foreign Service officer who is well trained in the FSI method and fluent in several languages. This edition has improved audio, with both male and female voices, more than 200 illustrations, and trivia. The content is more contemporary than ever, while retaining the language and grammar that have made this the most widely sold course on the language market.
The Basic Spanish Course is designed for people who need to learn a language quickly and completely. It is a six-level course that will enable you to understand spoken and written Spanish. It will give you an abundant vocabulary of several thousand words that will allow you to actively engage in conversations. Each level has 6 to 8 full CDs of audio replicating the drills and exercises found in the accompanying text.

Linguaphone Digital Downloads
Now download the allTalk Complete All-Audio Course, or the PDF Quick Acquisition Course in a digital MP3 version, and get it today - and save over the CD version! This is the same version, but without the phrasebook, and is great for the on-the-go lifestyle; learn on your iPod, netbook, or cellphone, wherever you are!

Baby Safari MP3s for Babies
The Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday CDs contain background music by Holst, Puccini, Mozart, Debussy, Vivaldi, Ravel, Granados, Dowland, Sibelius, Geshwin, Brahms, Bach, Liszt, Satie, Delibes, Pachelbell, Albeniz and many modern composers. For each language, a short series of words such as -- "root, branch, stick...leaves, moss...chilly" is repeated over and over by pairs of native speakers -- first by a woman and then by a man -- to create a long "language-string." By using pairs of speakers, a range of permissible pronunciation is provided. The vocabulary used is varied and practical...

Listen and Learn Spanish E-book Series
Hear Latin American history and stories read by a native speaker. Each set includes a complete script, including a glossary, and 2 CDs in a carrying case. Great for listening and comprehension practice for intermediate students. This version is available as a download with MP3 audio and PDF text.
Leyandas Historicas Mexicanas | La Navidad en las Montanas | Cuentos de la Selva | Cuentos del General
Los Bandidos de Rio Frio | Simon el Mago y En la Adiestra de Dios Padre | En Diligencia y Orvanonos
More about Listen and Learn Spanish E-book Series...

101 More Illustrated Crossword Puzzles
John Chabot
101 More Illustrated Crossword Puzzles includes 10 reproducible units, 9 of which focus on a thematic approach. The tenth unit is made up of combinations of words from the first nine units. The 10 units are: Opposites, Outer Space, Safety, Sea Creatures, Taking A Trip, In the City, Insects, Musical Instruments, Health Care and Unit Ten includes 11 twenty-four word crossword puzzles made up of words from the first nine units. Each unit focuses on the study of 30 thematically linked vocabulary words. There is a complete answer key.

100 Thematic Crossword Puzzles
John Chabot
100 Thematic Crossword Puzzles is a reproducible book of, as the title suggests, 100 crossword puzzles. Each puzzle is based on a theme. Each puzzle has 25 words to be found. The clues are fill-in-the blanks sentences. A list of the clues is given as well. Puzzles from 100 Thematic Crossword Puzzles can be used alone or with other thematically linked materials. Includes a complete Answer Key.

100 Thematic Crossword Puzzles Junior
John Chabot
100 Thematic Crossword Puzzles Junior is a reproducible book of, as the title suggests, 100 crossword puzzles. The Junior in the title implies that the book will work with a younger audience, but it also means the puzzles will work with second language learners at a more beginner level. Each unit is based on a theme. Each unit has 10 words to be studied. To begin, an illustration is given for each vocabulary word. There is a space provided for the student to practice writing the words. The students are then given a blank crossword grid. The illustrations are repeated on the page and serve as the clues to the crossword puzzle.Puzzles from 100 Thematic Crossword Puzzles Junior can be used alone or with other thematically linked materials. Includes a complete Answer Key.