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Pocket Translators and Electronic Dictionaries

Hand-Held Translators
With dictionary sizes of up to 2 million words and phrases, you will not find a more comprehensive pocket translator available at any price! The ultimate tool for language learners, enthusiasts, and travelers. Please feel free to email our specialists with any questions or requests at .

Available for:
Albanian - Arabic - Armenian - Bengali - Bosnian - Bulgarian - Chinese - Croatian - Czech - Danish - Dari - Dutch - Estonian - Finnish - French - German - Greek - Hebrew - Hindi - Hungarian - Indonesian - Italian - Japanese - Korean - Latin - Latvian - Lithuanian - Norwegian - Persian - Polish - Portuguese - Pushtu - Romanian - Russian - Serbian - Slovak - Swedish - Spanish - Tagalog - Thai - Turkish - Ukrainian - Vietnamese - Yiddish - Military, Law Enforcement, and Medical Translators

ES-X5 English-Spanish Bidirectional
Talking Translator at $569!

French Partner EF850 for $485!

Ectaco iTRAVL Alpine-2Pg English-Portuguese Translator for $575!

About Pocket Translators

We have searched for high quality pocket translators, and have found many great products with multiples features made by companies such as Ectaco, Seko, and many others. State-of-the-art technology and advanced linguistic research make these new personal electronic dictionaries powerful translating tools, as well as indispensable study aids. Our selection of models and languages combined with unbeatable low prices make our products the best value ever!

These dictionaries include not only words, but also phrases, idioms, irregular verbs, as well as linguistic games and grammar. Built-in voice synthesizers produce a high quality voice output in multiple languages. The organizer has all the data storage and manipulation functions you can imagine plus lots of features you would never even dream about! Special models allow for translating of incoming and outgoing email messages and faxes from one language into another automatically! A digital voice recorder stores up to 15 minutes of human speech. All this together makes pocket dictionaries a must-have for everyone!

If you are a frequent traveler, a businessperson, or a student, don't look any further! Our suppliers guarantees their pocket translators to be defect-free for 1 year. Please see specific models for more information. And please feel free to email our specialists with any questions or requests at .