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Security and Privacy

Welcome to the security and privacy page at Multilingual Books! Here we hope to provide answers to the most frequently raised questions and concerns regarding your security and privacy while shopping on-line with us. We value your trust and want you to feel secure in doing business with us. If you have any questions lease e-mail us at .

Facts about your security and privacy at Multilingual Books

On-line Ordering and SSL Encryption - The Strongest Link in the Security Chain
Mulitilingual Books secure on-line ordering uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. SSL uses advanced mathematical concepts and is designed to withstand computational "attacks" of years in duration. You may be familiar with scenes in movies and television where "hackers" read encrypted messages with just a few taps on their keyboard; it just doesn't work that way in real life! Ordering on-line at Multilingual Books is secure and safe.

Additional Security Measures
At Multilingual Books, we use extra security measures to keep our information secure, including shredding used documents. Our customer records cannot be accessed by computer "hackers" because they are not accessible online. We feel that Multilingual Books is one of the safest available places to shop on the Web.

Multilingual Books Customer Privacy Policy

Multilingual Books does not sell or otherwise distribute customer e-mail addresses or any other customer information.

Customers or correspondents of Multilingual Books may receive information about Multilingual Books by mail or e-mail. Should you receive unwanted materials or e-mail from Multilingual Books, please contact us and we will remove you from our lists.