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Tintin Video Previews

We now carry the entire line of Tintin titles on video! Available in French only, these are beautifully animated and marvellously entertaining for those fluent in French or students wanting listening practice. To enjoy the samples, just read the instructions below and view or download the clips you would like to see!

About the Video Previews

Click the links to the right for samples of the Tintin videos. We use the popular RealAudio and RealVideo formats; you may need to download and install the free RealPlayer software available at You may download the samples where noted; this allows high-quality playback in low-bandwidth or congested net conditions. We have step by step instructions if you have difficulty. Please note that these samples have been highly compressed for Internet use; the original materials are full-screen and broadcast quality.

Video Clips
Tintin On Video!
Previews Tintin's adventures.
Brief introduction to Tintin,
Herge, and the series regulars.
Entirely in French.

Video, 2.5 min., 1 MB
View | Download

Slideshow w/sound, .5 MB
View | Download

Step by Step Instructions for Windows 9X systems with Netscape or Internet Explorer browsers
(Procedures for other systems are similar.)

1. You must have the RealPlayer software installed on your system. Many browser installations include RealPlayer; if you do not know if you have it, just click on a link. If nothing happens within a minute or so, and your connection and our server are working, (you can view other pages from our site, for instance) you do not have it or it is not installed properly. In that case, it is a free download from Install as recommended by Real.
2. Click the link to play the video or sound. This will start a data "stream" that will begin to play the video or sound after a short pause. This should work well in most conditions with a 56K or better connection. If the video or sound skips or stops, you may want to download the file.

Clicking the "Download" links will cause the entire file to be downloaded, at which point it will then play and can be replayed at the highest quality (if you have RealPlayer properly installed) even if your Internet connection is poor. This may take several minutes and does not need to be attended. Right-clicking the link for the video or sound you wish to download will give you the option of saving the file to your hard drive. (Not recommended for inexperienced users.)