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Online Dictionaries - Sanskrit Dictionaries

Online Dictionaries From Around The World!
Presented here is a collection of pages with links to online dictionaries in languages from all over the world, including monolingual online dictionaries, bilingual online dictionaries, online technical and specialty dictionaries, and online translation engines and hyper-dictionaries. If you find any of the links dead and you want to notify us, or if you have recommendations for another dictionary to add to the site, contact us by email at

Sanskrit Dictionaries | Sanskrit and Other Languages | Sanskrit Texts and Scholarly Aids

Online Dictionaries Main Index

  Sanskrit and Sanskrit-English Dictionaries

Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon - Contains Monier-Williams' Sanskrit-English Dictionary with about 160,000 main entries; either search for one of the Sanskrit main entries under Sanskrit or under English for a translation, grammatical and any other information listed in the dictionary. The transliteration is based on the Harvard-Kyoto (HK) convention.
Sripedia Scan of the Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary - Scanned images of the entire Monier Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary available at Sripedia MW as a part of Million Books Project; pages are in PNG format and each page varies in size between 100-200K.
Capeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary - This digital version of Cappeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary (1891) contains about 50,000 main entries. Search for one Sanskrit main entry in the dictionary under Sanskrit or for a translation into Sanskrit under English; the transliteration is based on the Harvard-Kyoto (HK) convention.
Apte Sanskrit Dictionary Search - An online Sanskrit dictionary based on The Practical Sanskrit-English Dictionary by Vaman Shivaram Apte. It contains only the first word (or phrase in some case) of each numbered meaning; a verb should be searched by its root form; noun should be searched by its stem form. The input transliteration scheme is given in a table which translates Devaganari script into Romanized versions.
Amarakosha (Sanskrit Thesaurus) - A Sanskrit thesaurus written by Amarasinha in verse format. He was a distinguished scholar, one among the nine "gems" (navaratna) during Vikramaditya's court (in about 380 A. D.; Vikramaditya was originally known as Chandra Gupta II).
Spoken Sanskrit Dictionary - A new bilingual online hypertext dictionary for Sanskrit-English, designed to focus on spoken Sanskrit, which is alive as a common language.

  Sanskrit and Other Languages

The Sanskrit Heritage Dictionary - Online searchable hypertext Sanskrit-French dictionary with normal search, search without diacritic marks, and search for inflected forms; requires Devanagari fonts and open type fonts for Roman transliteration with diacritics. Versions of the dictionary in PDF and Postscript format are also available from this page.
Gérard Huet's Sanskrit Site - Home of the Sanskrit Heritage Dictionary (Sanskrit-French), and also contains a Sanskrit Declension Engine, a Lemmatizer, a dictionary of inflected forms of Sanskrit words in PDF format, and the experimental Sanskrit Reader, which is able to segment simple sentences, where the (optional) finite verb form occurs in final position.
Dictionnaire Français-Sanskrit et Grammaire Interactive - Free Windows software French-Sanskrit dictionary and grammar drills by André Signoret.

  Sanskrit Texts and Scholarly Aids

Dr. Kalyanraman's Indian Lexicon - A comparative study of the 'semantics' of lexemes of all the languages of India (which may also be referred to, in a geographical/ historical phrase, as the Indian linguistic area). The objective of the lexicon is to discover the semantic repertoire of India ca. 3000 B.C. to further facilitate efforts at deciphering the inscriptions and script of the Sarasvati-Sindhu civilization.
Gérard Huet's Sanskrit Site - Home of the Sanskrit Heritage Dictionary (Sanskrit-French), and also contains a Sanskrit Declension Engine, a Lemmatizer, a dictionary of inflected forms of Sanskrit words in PDF format, and the experimental Sanskrit Reader, which is able to segment simple sentences, where the (optional) finite verb form occurs in final position.
Sanskrit Documents - A compilation of Sanskrit documents in Devanagari display and transliteration format. In addition to Sanskrit texts, there are various tools for learning Sanskrit such as dictionaries, Sanskrit Tutorials, Sanskrit pronunciation guides, and software for learning Sanskrit and producing documents in Devanagari & Roman formats, and much more.
The Sanskrit Library - A digital library that provides access to digitized primary texts in Sanskrit and computerized research and study tools; requires registration to gain access.
SriPedia Initiative - The SriPedia initiative attempts to provide universal access to some of the numerous texts that comprise the body of Vedic knowledge.
Digital Dictionaries Of South Asia Project - The University of Chicago South Asia Language and Area Center, Columbia University, and Triangle South Asia Consortium in North Carolina project to create online electronic dictionaries for each of the twenty-six modern literary languages of South Asia.
Indo-European Etymological Dictionary - The Indo-European Dictionary (or IED) is the name of a research project of the Department of Comparative Indo-European Linguistics at Leiden University, and is aimed at producing a dictionary containing all words in the Indo-European languages that can be traced back to the proto-language. On these pages you will find etymological data from individual Indo-European languages and background information about the project.
Database query to Bloomfield's Vedic Concordance - Electronic version of M. Bloomfield's Vedic Concordance prepared by Marco Franceschini, under the supervision of Prof. Alessandro Passi, at the University of Bologna (conversion into the STARLING-format by A. Lubotsky, October 2000, May 2005).
Database query to Lubotsky's Rigvedic Word Concordance - The database access to A Rigvedic word concordance by Alexander Lubotsky (New Haven, Connecticut: American Oriental Society, 1997), converted by S. Starostin and A. Lubotsky in July, 2000.
Database query to Lubotksy's Indo-Aryan inherited lexicon - The database of Indo-Aryan inherited lexicon is based on M. Mayrhofer, Etymologisches Wörterbuch des Altindoarischen (Heidelberg 1986-1996).
MWSDD V1.5 Beta Interface to the Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon - Mwsdd is a free Windows software interface to the Cologne Digital Sanskrit Project, a digitized form of the Monier Williams dictionary; you can locally install it on your PC alongside the huge 16MB dictionary file created by the University of Köln which contain about 160, 000 entries. Features include very fast word lookup; Itrans and Harvard Kyoto input; copy word meanings to the clipboard; display in Devanagri and IIT; and multiple search methods.
Bharatiya Bhasha Kosh - Bharatiya Bhasha Kosh is a freely downloadable Windows 98/2000/XP software dictionary which provides a common platform for 14 Indian languages. Compiled by language scholars, it is a collection of nearly 5000 words and their corresponding meanings in 13 other languages. This is part of an effort to bring official language Hindi closer to other Indian languages and analyze the similarity between them, keeping in mind words used in day to day life, words that pertain to Indian culture and its traditions.
Devanagari (Hindi) Fonts: Complete Guide
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