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Spanish Technical and Specialized Dictionaries

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Spanish Online Dictionaries

Spanish Medical Bundle
Get Spanish Now for Medical Professionals and Diccionario De Terminos Medicos CD-ROM: Ingles-Espanol, Espanol-Ingles for one low price!


Multicultural Spanish Dictionary
Agustin Martinez, editor
Eyeglasses in Spain are gafas; in Chile they are anteojos; in Cuba, espejuelos; and in Mexico, lentes - yet all these countries are purported to speak Spanish. This dictionary makes sure that the careful user of Spanish does not confuse the usage of this and other basic Spanish words as they vary from one Spanish-speaking country to the next. Paperback, 234 pages.

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Routledge Spanish Dictionary of Business, Commerce, and Finance: English <-> Spanish
This bilingual English <-> Spanish dictionary provides some 100,000 terms and references and 4,000 abbreviations in over 40 subject areas, including: accountancy, banking, business administration, computing, correspondence, finance, import & export, law, management, mathematics, patents, politics, sales & marketing, taxation, tourism, and many other fields. Hardcover, 856 pages.

Diccionario LID Empresa Y Economía
Marcelino Elosua
This dictionary is the most complete of its kind, with over 10,000 terms defined in Spanish and translated into American and British English, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. In addition there is a reverse dictionary for each language into Spanish with tables of frequent usage included. In this tenth edition 3,000 new terms have been introduced. A team of fourteen authors under the direction of Marcelino Elosua has defined each concept in a simple and practical manner with great thoroughness. Included are the more important and new specialized terms of such areas as strategy, finance, accounting, marketing, commerce, human resources, technologies of information and communication, production, and economy. This is an essential reference book for the college student or director who aspires to be up-to-date in the world of the businesses with an international perspective. Hardcover, 829 pp.

The Oxford Spanish Business Dictionary
Donald Watt with editing by Sinda Lopez
This is an ideal dictionary for students taking Spanish in combination with a business qualification at college or for anyone doing business in the Spanish-speaking world. It provides an exhaustive range of business vocabulary - over 50,000 words and phrases - across many core areas, far outstripping the competition in its coverage of e-commerce and Internet-related terms. Detailed treatment of all vocabulary items is provided, along with thousands of example phrases illustrating important constructions. The extensive supplementary material offers sample business correspondence, including Curriculum Vitaes; faxes, emails, and invoices; lists of countries, nationalities, languages, and currencies; and guidance on using the telephone. Paperback, 640 pages.

Manual of Business Spanish: A Comprehensive Guide to Doing Business in Spanish
Manual of Business Spanish is the most comprehensive, single-volume reference handbook for students and professionals using Spanish. Designed for all users, no matter what level of language skill, it comprises five parts: * A 6000-word, two-way glossary of the most useful business terms * A 100-page Written Communications section giving models of 50 letters, faxes and documents * An 80-page Spoken Situations section covering face-to-face and telephone situations * A short Reference Grammar outlining the major grammar features of Spanish * A short Business Facts section covering essential information of the countries where Spanish is used. Written by an experienced native and non-native speaker team, this unique volume is an essential, one-stop reference for all students and professionals studying or working in business and management where Spanish is used.
'The clarity of exposition is admirable. Students will be able to use the book with ease.' - Simon Barton, Exeter University

Spanish Business Dictionary: Multicultural Business Spanish
Morry Sofer
This new dictionary addresses the need for accurate communications between English-speaking and Spanish-speaking countries. Paperback, 330 pages.

Business Spanish Dictionary
Peter Collin
As more and more business is done in Spanish and with Spanish-speaking countries around the world, the need for this reference grows ever greater. It is fully bilingual, including both English-Spanish and Spanish-English sections, and in addition to definitions, many entries include quotations from both Spanish and English newspapers and magazines to show how terms are used in context. Parts of speech and notes on grammar are also provided. 631pp.

Accounting Dictionary/Diccionario de Contabilidad: English <-> Spanish, Spanish <-> Spanish (Bilingual)
Nora Sanchez
This is the first English-Spanish translation dictionary of accounting terms to cover the differences in accounting terminology for Spanish-speaking countries, providing more than 75,000 financial and accounting words, phrases, terms, and expressions. Includes 21 sample financial statements in English and Spanish for seven countries and three industries; including manufacturing, banking, and services. This bilingual accounting dictionary offers not only English-Spanish and Spanish-English translations of accounting terms but also a Spanish-Spanish section correlating the different terms used in major Spanish-speaking countries. The only accounting dictionary to offer such coverage, this useful reference provides accounting practitioners and students with easy, accurate guidance for translating in and among countries like Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, and Venezuela. Ideal for translating financial statements, conducting audits, and performing accounting functions in multinational companies, this is an essential tool for all accountants, financial managers, and students participating in the burgeoning Spanish-speaking market. 322 pages.

English-Spanish Real Estate Dictionary
Charles J. Jacobus and Nora Olmos
This quick-reference dictionary provides nearly 2,000 terms in both English and Spanish covering all the essential areas for real estate. Comprehensive coverage, easy-to-find definitions, simple explanations, terminology used on licensing examinations, and numerous illustrations make this a handy reference tool. This up-to-date bi-lingual dictionary is a must for any practicing real estate agent and especially for those preparing to become a real estate agent as well as consumers looking to become more knowledgeable in the real estate field. 384 pages.

Commercial Trucking Bilingual Dictionary: English <-> Spanish
Maria Moya
Written in English with Spanish translations, this versatile book is an essential glossary and tool for anyone within the commercial truck driving industry, as well as in industries that interact with commercial truck drivers. Administrators, students, supervisors, agency officials, police officers, and DOT field personnel, along with professional commercial truck drivers can easily carry and use this handy bilingual resource in all phases of work relating to commercial truck driving. This includes inspections, exams, skills tests, classroom training, and more. A must-have dictionary and reference, it can be utilized for better understanding of terminology, resources, regulations, safety requirements, and hazardous material regulations. Businesses that operate along the US/Mexico border and in Latin America, where English as a Second Language (ESL) is required, will also benefit from this excellent guide. 152 pages.


Diccionario Tecnico - Ingles-Espanol, Espanol-Ingles
Rafael García Díaz
This work will be very useful for students of sciences and engineering or anyone of its sub-disciplines. It presents the complex terminology of the engineering, mining and metallurgy; in addition, it offers solutions to problems of terminology in cases where there is not an accepted equivalent. This is a complete and modern dictionary that includes the newest terminology current in all branches of engineering and its technical offshoots, and so is valuable as text for translators and professionals in the large and growing field of engineering and its technique. 1998, hardcover, 836 pp.

Dictionary of Environmental Science and Engineering: Spanish <-> English
Howard Headworth and Sarah Steines
This concise and comprehensive dictionary of English/Spanish and Spanish/English equivalents and associated words and expressions covers a wide range of specialties in environmental science and engineering, covering chemistry, biology, ecology, geology, hydrogeology, water and waste engineering, waste management and pollution control. Aimed at the working environmental scientist and engineer who needs intertranslation of English and Spanish terms, it includes about 10,000 alphabetically arranged entries that follow a traditional dictionary format. 324 pages.

Elsevier's Oil & Gas Field Dictionary: English/American, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and German
L.Y. Chaballe, L. Masuy, and J.P. Vandenberghe
In recent years international communication on the subject of oil and gas drilling has increased substantially, and many new drilling and recovery techniques have been introduced. Consequently many new terms have been incorporated into the literature; Elsevier's Oil and Gas Field Dictionary presents these, together with already existing terms, in seven of the world's major languages. The dictionary comprises the English/American terms, their synonyms and variants listed in American spelling, followed by their equivalents in French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German,with a supplementary section based on the most appropriate and frequently used Arabic terms. Care has been taken to incorporate actual terms and expressions used, by gathering information from reliable scientific and technical documents such as manuals, guides, brochures, specialized glossaries and diagrams. The fact that different companies and manufacturers use varying terms to describe similar objects or operations has not been overlooked. Special attention has been devoted to important areas such as geology, drilling methods and equipment, logging, sampling, well servicing, mud engineering, offshore and permafrost conditions and preparation for shipping and monitoring; the dictionary therefore facilitates communication between those involved directly and indirectly with the development and management of energy resources. Oil companies, engineers, equipment manufacturers, students, translators and interpreters, and all those involved in the field of energy production will find this dictionary an invaluable reference tool. 684 pages.

English-Spanish, Spanish-English Electrical and Computer Engineering Dictionary
Steven M. Kaplan
The English-Spanish, Spanish-English Electrical and Computer Engineering Dictionary offers comprehensive up-to-date coverage of virtually every word and phrase you are likely to encounter in the electrical and computer engineering literature. The only book of its kind, it contains more than 95,000 entries - nearly 50,000 in each language. Designed for quick reference and clarity, it features a user-friendly format that directs you instantly to the precise equivalent you need without first rerouting you through a maze of irrelevant terms and phrases. For idiomatic expressions, conceptual equivalents are provided, rather than literal translations. And phrases that begin with the same word or words are provided as separate entries. Paperback, 792 pages.

Means Spanish English Construction Dictionary
This new tool is designed to facilitate communication among Spanish- and English-speaking construction communities and improve the quality of performance and job-site safety. It features the most common words and phrases used in the construction industry with easy-to-follow pronunciations, and extensive building systems and tools illustrations that make this publication a unique and valuable reference. The dictionary includes English-to-Spanish translations, Spanish-to-English translations, phonetic pronunciations, useful on-the-job phrases, unit conversion factors, and tables with illustrated sections of tools and equipment for each trade. An essential tool for contractors, construction workers, architects, building officials, and students in apprenticeship and training programs, this book is a collaboration with the International Conference of Building Officials, who extensively researched the most-needed terms, as well as with Rolf Jensen & Associates, noted building code consultants. Paperback, 250 pages.

Spanish/English Dictionary of Human and Physical Geography
Steven L. Driever
An essential tool for anyone studying the human and physical geography of the Spanish-speaking world, this dictionary provides more refined and geographically-oriented definitions than general bilingual dictionaries and contains thousands of words omitted from the best standard bilingual dictionaries. Hardcover, 736 pages.

Routledge Spanish and English Technical Dictionary on CD-ROM
The CD-ROM version of this dictionary was published in 1998 and contains more than 115,000 headwords and 3,000 abbreviations in both Spanish and English. Terms come from the whole range of modern applied science and technical terminology. Compiled by an international team of subject experts and native-speaking language specialists and lexicographers, this dictionary provides the most up-to-date terms for over 70 subject areas, including transportation, physics, mechanical engineering, electricity, mining, chemistry, construction, geology, fuelless energy resources, quality assurance, military technology, television, particle physics, computing and data processing, and recycling.

Routledge Spanish Dictionary of Environmental Technology: Spanish <-> English
Miguel A. Gaspar Paricio
This dictionary provides some 20,000 terms and references in all the major areas in the field, including air pollution and air quality control, environmental policy, noise pollution, soil contamination and remediation, water pollution and waste water treatment, water supply and drinking water, and many others. Hardcover, 288 pages.

Routledge Spanish Dictionary of Telecommunications: Spanish <-> English
Emilio German Muniz
This dictionary provides some 30,000 terms and references. Subject areas include applications and services, climate control, components and materials, power systems, radio-based technologies, switching, telephony and telegraphy, television and video, terminal and peripheral apparatus, testing and procedures, and many others. Hardcover, 576 pages.

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Latin American Legal Abbreviations: A Comprehensive Spanish/Portuguese Dictionary with English Translations
Arturo L. Torres
This first comprehensive letter by letter dictionary of Latin American legal abbreviations includes abbreviations for government agencies, organizations, periodicals, and other publications relating to law. All entries are translated from Spanish and Portuguese into English, and coverage includes Latin American, Brazil, and Spain. The book also includes selected European legal terms closely associated with the Latin American legal tradition. Abbreviations are listed if they relate to the three branches of government, governmental actions, legal associations, businesses, banking, and commercial terms related to law, dates, and major geographical regions. This first major work of its kind belongs in the libraries of legal and commercial firms doing business in Latin America. Hardcover, 615 pages.

McGraw-Hill's Spanish and English Legal Dictionary
Henry Saint Dahl
McGraw-Hill's Spanish and English Legal Dictionary defines hundreds of words in business law, civil and criminal law, contracts and torts, constitutional law, family law, labor law, liability, probate, property law, and international trade agreements. One feature that distinguishes this fully bilingual dictionary from the competition is its extensive collection of encyclopedic entries, including citations of judgments, torts and contracts, swell as civil, penal and commercial codes from the United States, Spain, and Spanish-speaking nations worldwide. It also features dozens of side-by-side sample claims, invoices, another legal documents. Hardcover, 512 pages.

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Diccionario de Terminología Literaria
Emma González de Gambier
This monolingual Spanish dictionary of literary terminology is useful for the student, the professor, or even the general audence of literature and fiction. It offers a handy, rapid and practical access more than than 2,100 terms of literary terminology, each accompanied by an etymological rendering, since it is easier to grasp a concept if it is included and understood by its roots. Definitions are followed by simple examples, antonyms, synonyms, and the word's historical evolution, along with other terms to which it is related. 2002, paperback, 445 pp.

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Medical Spanish Course
Maria di Lorenzo Kearon and Thomas Kearon
This is a beginning course for doctors, nurses, and medical and nursing students. It was developed by Maria di Lorenzo Kearon (Cornell medical College) and Thomas Kearon (Albert Einstein College) and assumes no previous knowledge of Spanish. Practice Dialogues, mini-conversations, and other activities. Medical/technical vocabulary is always presented in context. The text includes reading comprehension and written exercises comprehension and written exercises, medical questionnaires, and anatomically diagrams in both Spanish and English. Includes 12 tapes and a book.

Spanish Now! for Medical Professionals CD-ROM
Developed with the help of medical professionals from a wide range of disciplines, Spanish Now! for Medical Professionals is a fast and easy language learning system developed for your professional needs. It employs the Successful Immersion method of learning which uses the same type of motivations you used to learn your native language to help you "automatically" absorb your new one. The package includes articles, video presentations, practice material and even games, all based on practical cultural and medical information you'll find useful. Spanish Now! is available for Windows and Macintosh systems.
More about Spanish Now! for Medical Professionals...

Spanish for the Health Professional
Emergency medical service personal, admissions personnel, and nurses who need to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients will find this course ideal, as will medical technicians and paramedics. This program provides an extensive list of practical questions for use in assisting Hispanics patients. The book is an ideal portable reference for emergency situations. With 4 cassettes (3 hours) and a 72 page quick reference manual.

Spanish for Police and Firefighters
This practical audio-cassette/book course is designed to teach both basic and specialized expressions, phrases and terminology needed to communicate with Spanish speakers in a variety of human-services situations. With 5 cassettes (4 hours) and a 74 page text.

Diccionario De Terminos Medicos CD-ROM: Ingles-Espanol, Espanol-Ingles
Ruiz Torres
This is a CD-ROM version of the bilingual English-Spanish medical translation reference from Gulf Publishing, and offers over 1000 pages of content. It is useful for hospitals, doctor's offices, clinics, pharmacies and legal practices, and covers the entire gamut of medical and technical vocabulary. Windows CD-ROM.

Delmar's English and Spanish Pocket Dictionary for Health Professionals
Rochelle K Kelz
This is an essential reference for today's health care professionals who need to communicate with Spanish-speaking clients. This unique bilingual dictionary contains Spanish terminology specific to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and other countries. It offers 20,000 alphabetized entries, including highly technical medical and dental terminology, and contains regionalisms, slang, and street vocabulary. Adaptable enough to serve as a self-study tool for Spanish-speaking professionals seeking to learn English, the dictionary also provides specialized AIDS and drug vocabularies. This book, with extensive drug terminology, will meet the needs of physicians, dentists, social workers, nurses, hospitals, clinics, opticians, ambulance attendants, teachers as well as medical technicians. In addition the format is such that it can easily be used in Spanish speaking countries to teach English to those working in the same healthcare fields. 10 illus, 552 pages.

Spanish for Medical Personnel
Ana C. Jarvis and Raquel Lebredo
This manual presents situations and vocabulary that medical personnel encounter in the course of their daily work. Dialogues, personalized questions, grammar exercises, situational role-plays, and reality-based activities introduce and reinforce key medical vocabulary while encouraging students to communicate in Spanish. Supplementary readings on illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and AIDS reflect some of the most urgent concerns of the medical community. The sixth edition features up-to-date medical vocabulary, medical notes from a cross-cultural perspective, and practical reference information. 2000, paperback, 324 pp.

Spanish-English English-Spanish Medical Dictionary
Onyria Herrera McElroy and Lola L. Grabb
This second edition bilingual medical dictionary provides the English and Spanish medical vocabulary every healthcare professional needs to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking patients. This powerful, pocket communicator features: over 20,000 medical and technology-related words and translations; tips on pronunciation; signs and symptoms of common disorders; phrases used when speaking to patients; abbreviations; conversion tables; appendices of weights, measures, and numbers; and much more. Paperback, 513 pages.

Medical Spanish
Gail L. Bongiovanni
With no prior knowledge of Spanish, and this book at your fingertips, you can confidently conduct patient medical history interviews, perform physical examinations, and give medical instructions to Spanish-speaking patients. Carefully constructed to elicit one-word, "yes or no" answers, Medical Spanish empowers you to get, and give, the information you need, without struggling to understand an unfamiliar language or risking errors due to miscommunication. Now in its third edition, this much-needed resource allows physicians and other medical professionals to communicate fully about all major specialties, in all the detail of regular medical texts. Medical Spanish simplifies the process of communication, but it does not abbreviate, condense, or modify what is communicated. Paperback, 175 pp.

English-Spanish/Spanish-English Medical Dictionary
Glenn T. Rogers
This is a fully revised and expanded edition that contains over 17,000 entries covering virtually every health related term likely to occur in a conversation between a health professional and a Spanish-speaking patient. Features frequent example sentences in the text and sample dialogues at the back, including a complete history and physical exam. Paperback, 230 pages.

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Music Translation Dictionary
An English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish Vocabulary of Musical Terms
Contains 1,300 musical terms, computer registered, in 13 languages. The terms were gathered from 113 lexicons and dictionaries for the languages involved. Main entries are offered in English with other languages following in each case, including Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. A one-alphabet index (including all languages) makes reference to the English entry.

Diccionario de Floricultura Ball/Ball Floriculture Dictionary: English <-> Spanish (Bilingual)
Veronica Hoyos De Martens and M. L. Nydia Palma de Villarreal
The Ball Floriculture Dictionary helps bridge the gap between English and Spanish. This reference not only defines single terms but also basic concepts and colloquial expressions used in everyday horticultural practice. Written in clear, easy-to-understand language, it contains a unique cross-referencing system that helps pinpoint the precise translation needed. 414 pages.