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Ectaco Language Teacher for Windows

Language Teacher for Windows
Ectaco Language Teacher for Windows is a software version of the Language Teacher electronic handheld dictionaries of Ectaco, Inc. You can use it on any personal computer with the Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP operating system. A large volume dictionary database and the ability to translate to and from a language allow you to select the exact translation according to your needs. The word-for-word translation mode is very useful when all you need is general sense of a phrase or sentence. Language Teacher is now also available in versions for Palm OS and Pocket PC's.

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Features of Language Teacher for Windows

Language Teacher for Windows Language Teacher for Windows allows instant word translation and reverse translation. To find a word in the dictionary, just start typing it in the Input Line. A word beginning with the input letters will appear on the screen. You can see all possible translations of the selected word in the Translations List. And you can get the reverse translation by doubleclicking on the word in this list. If you want to find a word or any sequence of letters, there is a Search function to find a word or its part throughout the entire dictionary database. There is a Filtered List which allows you to create a customized list of words for frequent reference and use. You can also get an automatic word-to-word translation of sentences. Just type your sentence in the Source Text window and the translation will appear on the right in the Translation window. If the Clipboard is not empty when the translation window is activated the contents will automatically be translated. Language Teacher for Windows has built-in multilanguage support, which makes it easy to work with dictionaries on computers that do not support alternative characters. This takes either the form of remapping the keyboard to new characters, or a virtual keyboard that allows keyboard emulation for all languages that use Cyrillic, European, Baltic, Greek, or Turkish characters.


How is Language Teacher installed?
CD-ROM version:
Insert the Language Teacher CD-ROM into CD-ROM drive. The setup program will start automatically. Click the Language Teacher icon in the startup window to begin the setup procedure, and follow the instructions. If necessary, you may choose another folder for program files and the start menu folder. After the setup is complete, the Language Teacher program group will appear on the Start/Programs menu. Just choose Language Teacher to start the program.
Internet version:
Download from the Ectaco Web-server, launch setup.exe, and follow the instructions. After the setup is complete, the Language Teacher program group will appear on the Start/Programs menu. Just choose Language Teacher to start the program.

My computer does not support Cyrillic. Will Language Teacher work properly with Cyrillic dictionaries?
Yes. Language Teacher has a built-in multilanguage support, which makes it easy to work with dictionaries with Central European, Baltic, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, and Greek code pages on computers that do not have a corresponding support.

How can I configure my applications to work with Russian or other languages?
You need to have a Windows 95/98/NT installation package on your CD-ROM. Click the My Computer icon on the desktop, then Control panel, then Add/Remove programs, then Windows setup tab. Select the Multilanguage support checkbox. In order to install a corresponding keyboard support, choose My computer, then Control panel, then Keyboard, and click the Add button. In Language Teacher for Windows, choose the Generic tab in the Properties dialog box. An appropriate character set will be automatically loaded.

How can I type in Russian (or other languages with non-Latin characters) if I only have Latin letters on my keyboard, and I don't know the layout?
1. You may use the Language Teacher emulation capability: just choose any character set different from Generic.
2. You may display a "virtual" keyboard with letters and symbols used in the dictionary. Click on the keyboard icon with keyboard sign. A keyboard image will appear in the right upper corner of the window. Type by clicking on the images of corresponding buttons.

I want to install a newer Language Teacher version. What problems may arise?
You will lose your customized settings and entries saved under the Filtered tab. If you want to keep them, first make a backup copy of all files with the *.sav extension and paste them back after the upgrade is completed.
Attention! In order to be able to uninstall Language Teacher properly please install the updated version to the same folder where the old version is located.

I want to install several Language Teacher versions. Will there be any confusion with the dictionaries, will it be possible to uninstall versions I do not need?
You will not experience any problem. However, you should not install versions with different dictionaries into the same folder (they are installed into different folders by default).

System Requirements

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP or higher; 8MB RAM; 8MB free space on hard drive.

Languages Supported

Language Teacher for Windows CD-ROM Dictionaries
Product Vocabulary Price
English-Albanian 400,000 words/phrases $79.95  
English-Arabic 400,000 words/phrases $79.95  
English-Bulgarian 400,000 words/phrases $79.95  
English-Czech 400,000 words/phrases $79.95  
English-Farsi 400,000 words/phrases $79.95  
English-French 400,000 words/phrases $79.95  
English-French-Russian 550,000 words/phrases $109.95  
English-German 400,000 words/phrases $79.95  
English-German-Polish 550,000 words/phrases $109.95  
English-German-Russian 550,000 words/phrases $109.95  
English-Greek 400,000 words/phrases $79.95  
English-Hebrew 400,000 words/phrases $79.95  
English-Hungarian 400,000 words/phrases $79.95  
English-Italian 400,000 words/phrases $79.95  
English-Latvian 400,000 words/phrases $79.95  
English-Polish 400,000 words/phrases $79.95  
English-Portuguese 400,000 words/phrases $79.95  
English-Romanian 400,000 words/phrases $79.95  
English-Russian Pro 550,000 words/phrases $109.95  
English-Russian 400,000 words/phrases $79.95  
English-Serbo-Croatian 400,000 words/phrases $79.95  
English-Spanish 400,000 words/phrases $79.95  
English-Swedish 400,000 words/phrases $79.95  
English-Turkish 400,000 words/phrases $79.95  
English-Vietnamese 400,000 words/phrases $79.95  
English-Yiddish 40,000 words/phrases $79.95  
French-Russian 400,000 words/phrases $79.95  
German-Polish 400,000 words/phrases $79.95  
German-Russian 400,000 words/phrases $79.95